Hello Lovelies,

Boy, am I glad the weather is changing and it’s 81 degrees outside instead of 30! It’s just been so crazy here in Georgia. One minute it’s warm and sunny and the next it’s freezing and I’m wearing a coat again! Hope you are feeling the sun like I am!

And yes, I did say nails of the DAY… So last night I decided to mess around with some of my newer polishes that I have had tucked away in my drawer at home for some time now. I never have the time to really focus on my nails but I decided I would make a partial attempt at it… meaning I’d just paint my nails… No trimming of cuticles or anything like that, which you totally can tell I didn’t do! I’ll save that for the people that know what they are doing. I plan on getting a pedi/mani this weekend!! I don’t know what got into me or why I even thought about doing my nails yesterday since my future plans were to be getting them done professionally and this whole week I’m volunteering with United Way and will be getting messy at times!

So the products/supplies I used are:


Sally Hansen – color 510 Pat on the Black

Zoya – color Odette

Avon – Brushed Metals in BrushedGold

Sally Hansen – Nail Art Pen in color white

Q-tip with the end cut off (if you have nail painting tools, those work too of course!)



I used the Zoya polish as my base and painted the pointer with the “Brushed Gold” and the ring finger with the “Pat on the Black.” I followed the “Pat on the Black” with dots of the Zoya topped with the white pen. As I said, I didn’t do anything fancy because I plan on getting it professionally done but one thing about the white pen irked me. I painted my nails last night but this morning, the white had started rubbing off. You can see in the picture below how it’s already almost rubbed off of my other hand. (I didn’t use the Zoya polish under the white on this hand because I got lazy!)


I guess it would have worked better if I had followed up with a top coat. I didn’t put one on because I already had 3 layers of polish and the Sally Hansen purple polish had a good shine too it already. Grrrrr…. Oh well, I’m too lazy to change it tonight. May I’ll fix it tomorrow!

Have you ever used the Sally Hansen white pen? Did it suck this bad for you??