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Hello Lovelies,

Well, I’m not sure if I have ever given this secret away, but I am a hunter. I don’t go by myself but I go occasionally with my fiance’. In my area, they have 2 hunts a year in an area that is normally fenced off and inaccessible. It’s a place where waste water is released. (Ew, gross, I know). Because the foliage is so massive and green most of the year, there is an excess of deer and turkey roaming around which is bad for nearby traffic. You can enter each drawing, and if you are one of the people chosen, you get to hunt on this property and have a chance at shooting something massive! I was one of the 12 lucky people drawn this year for the turkey hunt. I was pretty excited because I have never shot anything. It seems like every day I decide to go with my fiance, it was a terrible day and we wouldn’t  even see anything. It was going to be different this time.


Well, long story short, I still didn’t shoot anything. One of the other hunters kept driving the nearby back roads and scaring everything away. Just my luck.

Now I know you’re probably wondering what the unexpected beauty in this story is so I’m going to tell you…and show you.

While sitting behind a log waiting for the turkey my fiance was calling in to come our way, I noticed something strange. Can you see it in the picture??



The flower is actually growing out of the tree. It caused me to instantly smile. At that moment, I knew the hunting trip was worth it. It wasn’t about shooting my first turkey. It was about spending time with my fiance’ and doing something he enjoyed..and I actually had fun too. It was about us bonding because things have been a little rocky for us lately. Things have been better for us since then. And I’ll always have this picture to look back on and smile when I need it.

Have you experienced something like this before?