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Hello Lovelies,

This morning I was yet again sucked into Youtube instead of doing my normal everyday work. I started watching a 100 Facts About Me Tag by one of my favorite beauty gurus, AlisonLovesJB. She is amazing! If you don’t know her, you should definitely check her out! Anyway, her video inspired me to start this tag myself and since I can’t really do the video, I’m blogging about it! 🙂 The only thing is, I don’t know if I will be able to think of 100 facts, so expect less! haha And yes, I know I’m weird so expect some strange facts….I’ve tagged a few people at the bottom but feel free to do this tag even if your not tagged!

So, here we go!!

1. When I was in 4th grade, I was mistaken for a boy a lot because my hair was cut super short. That still has me scarred to this day. 

2. I like the smell of skunk…but not freshly sprayed.



3. I absolutely hate feet. In high school gym class, a friend of mine took her shoe off and stuck her sweaty foot to my arm…and no, she wasn’t wearing socks. Feet just gross me out now.

4. I was a super nerd in high school. 

5. Until like 7th grade, I had to be forced to brush my teeth. Now I’m obsessed about clean, nice teeth and always get complements on my smile!

6. I graduated college with my Bachelors in Biology.

7. I do not smoke, nor will I ever. Smoke makes me gag.

8. Someone keyed the word SLUT on the hood of my car and I drove it like that for about 6 years because I couldn’t afford to get it fixed. (No, I’m not a slut. A crazy jealous girl did it)

9. Both of my parents are alcoholics….but my dad has officially been sober for 1 year! 

10. I would rather do manual labor than sit in a cubical all day.

11. Music is my boyfriend. I can’t live without it. I like to just lay or drive around and listen to some of the weirdest stuff just because of the sound. I love piano and acoustic stuff.

12. I’m pretty sure I’m A.D.D. even though I’ve never been medically diagnosed.

13. I love animals. 

14. When I was 3, I carried around a dead squirrel for 2 days until my parents found out and hid it. It was my best friend.

15. I breed panther chameleons.

16. I breed miniature pigs.

17. When I was 18 and stupid, I got in a lot of credit card debt and just paid it off 2 years ago…when I was 26.

18. I’m addicted to sugar and get cranky if I don’t have it after a day or 2.

19. My mom has been in jail and prison on and off the last 15 years.

20. I keep clothing that I have grown out of in hopes of fitting back into them one day…i’m a hoarder of clothing.

21. I’m pretty crafty when I want to be.

22. I hate my legs. I feel like they look like little tree stumps

23. When I was in 8th grade, my “best friend” called my miss piggy because she thought my nose looked like a pigs nose. :/

25. I’m very awkward around girls. I don’t know why. I think it’s because I don’t really have much in common with most girls.

26. Sometimes I catch myself saying the weirdest things followed by weird looks from people around me.

27. I like to talk like a baby and freak people out.

28. Every job I have had, I’ve been promoted into some sort of management position until my current one. (It’s a huge company)

29. I’m super sensitive. I even cry when I’m watching cartoons…. ??

30. I hate spicy stuff.

31. I try to help people in any way I can even if it puts me out.

32. Almost all of my permanent teeth have some sort of filling in them and I have had 1 root canal.

33. I’m 28 with braces

34. I’m super sensitive to caffeine and start seating after just one cup of coffee.

35. I like to collect makeup.

36. I like to cuddle on the couch with my mini pig Cami.

37. I’ve started trying to coupon and the first trip I bought $45 worth of stuff but only spent $15!!

38. I have a lead foot and love to drive fast.

39. When I was 17, I lost my drivers license from too many speeding tickets.

40. I go hunting with my fiance’ but I’ve never shot anything. I just go bc I’m a good wifey! 🙂

41. I hate anything mushy and green…no guacamole dip for me please!

42. I want to make my way into medical research and help find the cure for cancer and AIDS.

43. My older sister and I are the only people in my family that have attended college…and we both have college degrees.

45. If I had just 1 wish, it would be for everyone to be happy and healthy.

46. I really really really want a Dodge Challenger or a Toyota Tacoma 4door

46. I’m the girl that eats all the black jelly beans first because they are my favorite!

47. I want to start a blog and be a relationship counselor because everyone always tells me I give really good advice even at though I suck at making the right choices myself.

48. I really really really hate spiders. Just thinking about them right now gives me chills.

49. I suck at remembering birthdays so everyone always has to remind me of others bdays!

50. I’m always late. Late to work, late to family gatherings…late to anything I have to be at a certain time.

51. Oreo Birthday Cake Cookies are AMAZING!!

52. I take anxiety/depression medication.

53. I hate winter and rainy days. They make me depressed.

54. Even if I really really really don’t like someone, I’m still nice to them.

55. I’m addicted to Pinterest…but what girl isn’t??

56. I love to learn and would be a professional student if it paid money!

57. I want to make a Youtube page and make tons of videos and have tons of followers. It just seems so fun.

58. I’m not good at planning. I like to do things on the whim.

59. I gag at the taste of vitamins so I take the gummie ones. Yum yum!

60. I hate wearing shoes. I take mine off as soon as I get home or to my desk at work and put on socks. Same for in my car!

61. I have a super sensitive nose and can smell everything…it’s a curse!

62. If I could be my true inner self, I would have a crazy hair cut, a arm sleeve of tattoos, and tons of piercings.

Ok, Ok,….I guess that’s enough for now. I probably should really get some work done today. I’ve already wasted away 4 hours of work! haha. Sometimes I love my job! 

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