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Hello Lovelies,

Life has been CRAZY for me the past week! One thing you may or may not know about me is that my fiance and I breed mini pigs. We have had a few litters already and everything has been great…until this last set. Cami, my mini pig that stays inside with me was in heat so we bred her with a male that we have. Everything has been completely great until she had her babies. For some reason, she is scared to death of them and tries to attack them whenever they come near her. In order for them to nurse, I have to hold her down, all while she is screaming and kicking. She eventually calms down and is fine, but it seems like it takes forever for her to do that. A week and several bruises later, we have the babies trained to eat out of a “hamster” bottle. Until this past Saturday, I was having to get up 2 times during the night, as well as come home during my lunch break to restrain Cami in order for the babies to nurse….not to mention the times when I was already at home and had to restrain her. Talk about STRESSFUL and exhausting! Now we just let the babies run around in a large hamster cage and they can eat out of the bottles any time they want! They are so cute and growing like weeds. IMG_3102




Please note, this is not the “hamster” cage we keep them in. This is just a lunch box we would carry them in when taking them to Cami to nurse! They don’t stay in here!

Here is my baby Cami. 🙂 She is the smartest pig I know!


Sorry about the messy room!!! haha


She likes to cuddle and take the sheets off my bed! 🙂

So what do you think about my babies? Do any of you have a mini pig as a pet??