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Hello Lovelies! 

I’m on a roll today, as you can tell! I don’t have internet at home so I can’t really do blog posts on the weekend, unless I do it on my phone, so I am loading up today! haha

I received the Nail Rock Nail Velvet in my birchbox last month and just recently got to try it out. I was pretty skeptical to use it to begin with because I thought it wouldn’t work or would be too thick on my nail, but finally gave it a shot. 

Image Image

As I thought, the product didn’t work that well. Maybe I didn’t do it right, but I followed the instructions on the box and did what I was suppose to….or at least I think I did! I painted 2 coats on my nail, and then stuck my nail in the little pot of “velvet.” Below is a picture of how my test trail turned out. 



As you can tell in the picture, the velvet didn’t really stick to my nail. Well, it stuck to my nail, but didn’t stick to the whole thing. When I stuck my wet nail into the velvet pot, it actually took some of the paint off, instead of the velvet sticking to my nail…Maybe I should try it again?? Practice makes perfect!…But it shouldn’t be that hard to begin with! 

Have you tried Nail Rock before? What did you think about it?