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Hello Lovelies,

Do you ever do the “free stuff” drawings that Allure magazine does on her website? Well I did, and to my surprise, I received a box in the mail the other day with Loreal Paris Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother in it. Supposedly I won back in August of last year and I didn’t even know it!! How exciting is that?? 



I’ve won a couple other times from Allure, but they always send me an email ahead of time letting me know I won and when to expect my package. This one was almost like Christmas!! Whoopie!

I tried the product out this morning, and if you have ever used Smashbox Photofinish face primer, it’s practically the same thing…but a different smell and cheaper. 

They both feel like a wax over your face. So oddly smooth. I don’t think it made me look any younger and it definitely didn’t give me any “lift.” It’s just a face primer. It fills in pores and creases some before you put on foundation, so it’s not the foundation filling in the cracks. It did, however, help my makeup stay on longer. At least that’s my opinion. 

I feel like I can get the same effects with a cheaper primer such as the E.L.F. or Rimmel brands. I’ve tried both of those and they work well too. I would just go for those instead of spending 25$+. 

Have you tried any of these primers? What did you think??