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Hello Lovelies!

Well, this is definitely a little different than I normally do but I thought I would share for those of you that are considering the same thing. About a month ago, I reached back to scratch my back and noticed there was a scab on a mole on my back. Since I couldn’t remember doing anything to cause that, I got really scared. I occasionally go to the tanning bed so I just had a felling it might be cancerous. Well, the first chance I had, I went to see a doctor about it. The doctor wasn’t available so a nurse practitioner looked at it and said it looked fine but I could get it removed if I was worried about it and they can send it off to be biopsied. 

Today was the day I had 2 “moles” removed. I went in to the Dr. office nervous as crap because some people told me that if they have to cut it out, it can be painful. For the first time, I got to see the actual doctor instead of a nurse. After examining it, the “mole” wasn’t actually a mole. He said it was a skin tag and it was no big deal..not cancerous. My bra strap probably rubbed it and caused the scratch. I still chose to go through the process of removing it because I would rather be safe than sorry. I also had another one removed on my chest. 

The process was pretty simple. They cleaned the area really well and then gave me a shot of Lidocaine, which is just a local anesthetic (numbing agent). I could feel a little sting from the shot, but it’s not really even worth mentioning. Next came the cauterizing. They started burning and scraping the tag right after the shot. I was scared that it would hurt because if it was anything like the dentist, the medicine would need a minute or so to set in and numb the area… but luckily that wasn’t the case  The Lidocaine shot did an amazing job because I didn’t feel anything but a little tugging in the area next to the tag. 

I have posted below before and after pictures. The after shot looks a little weird because I had just pulled the band-aide off.

 Doesn’t it look like a mole???



Have you ever had this process done? 

What did you think about it??

And sorry about the gruesomeness! Hope I didn’t make you sick!