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Hello lovelies,

I am part of a program called Smiley360. They will send ya free stuff to try out just for you to post your thoughts on the products. the most recent product I received was Airborne Immune Support Supplements. I received them in the mail the other day and finally had a chance to try them out last night.

What are my thoughts?? 

Well, I received the chewable kind in a berry flavor as shown in the pics I took below. (Airborne comes in effervescence and gummies as well and are available in multiple flavors depending on which form you choose). My first thought was that they were a little weird tasting. The flavor is actually pretty strong, compared to how I thought they would be. It’s not unpleasant. Just not delicious. It’s nothing compared to the nastiness of a multivitamin though. They taste 10x’s better than that for sure. You take 4 at a time and can take them up to 3 times a day I could easily take these every day to help support my immune system. I think I would actually prefer the gummies better though. I’m a candy junky and I believe the gummies would be more on my level.

From Website:


Your immune system’s got a big job to do and supporting it just got more convenient thanks to Airborne® Chewable tablets. We’ve included our powerful formula of 13 vitamins, minerals and herbs, including Zinc, Echinacea and a blast of Vitamin C into easy-to-chew tablets. Water not required. So give me a C! Give me an H! Give me an E—alright. You get the picture!

4 Chewable Tablets equal:

  • 1,000 mg of Vitamin C
  • High in Antioxidants (Vitamins A,C, and E)
  • Excellent Source of Zinc and Selenium
  • 350 mg of Herbal Blend including Echinacea and Ginger


Have you tried these before?? What are your thoughts?