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Hello Lovelies,

I wanted to keep ya updated with the gel nails since a lot of you had never heard of them. The first one is a pic from when I first got them done and the second one is from this morning. 🙂



1 week later…..


As you can tell, there is no chipping and that’s after 1 week! 🙂 

The only bad thing is that you can see where my nails have grown out because the clear coat ends…which you can add a coat of regular clear to it if you want and it wouldn’t be noticeable at all!

I am terrible at pushing back my cuticles and junk and I’m always messing around with out babies at home…(dogs, lambs, goats, mini pigs) so my nails usually look terrible. I have to say I personally think they look better now than when I had them done because they have gown out some and my nails aren’t little nubs! haha. My nails are super thin and I’m always cutting them off and they stay really short. With this polish, I have actually been able to let them grow some. 🙂 

What do ya think??!?!