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Hello Lovelies,

About a month back, I signed up with Ifabbo and if you don’t know what that is…here is a link to the website and below is something mentioned from it. .

“iFabbo™ creates an environment where bloggers and brands work together to provide credible sources of information for consumers so they can confidently navigate the blogosphere and get the most reliable sources of information on their favorite or newly discovered blogs and products.”

With IFABBO, bloggers get to purchase products from the “SHOP” to review with virtual currency received through the website (free). The chosen items are sent for free, and the bloggers review and post your honest opinion about it on their social media sites and such. 🙂

Yesterday I received the Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter in the mail. Before this, I had never even heard of the brand. Apparently it is made in Italy and can be purchased through HSN. The website to purchase it is http://bit.ly/GT2CdC.

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter 2

What did I think about it? Well, the product itself has a nice, creamy texture. It feels sticky at first but absorbs pretty well after a few minutes, leaving my skin pretty smooth and moisturized. It claims to be made from honey and royal jelly…and I can definitely smell the honey. I put the lotion on all over my arms and hands this morning. With it getting cold outside, I really needed the moisture. It worked well but unfortunately, I just really don’t like the smell. It smells just like honey. (like the honey you get in the ketchup-like packets at McDonald’s). As the day went by, which it is almost 4pm now, I can’t really smell it anymore. That may be because I have gotten use to it though. Since I personally don’t like the smell of honey, I had a few of my coworkers smell the lotion and give me their opinion. I asked 2 older ladies, a girl in her 30’s and a man and none of them liked the smell. One lady actually said..”that is just awful.” Now they may be like me and don’t like the smell of honey…but I think just 5 random people not liking the smell says a lot. I wish the scent was not as strong or something completely different because the cream is actually pretty good.

Now if you like the smell of honey, this stuff may be for you.

Below is info about the product I got from the webpage. 

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter
Luxuriate in pure bliss. Perlier’s imported beauty treatment makes you feel like you’ve spent the day at the spa!

What You Get

  • 6.7 fl. oz. Imperial Honey Whipped Body Butter for around $40

What it is

This marvelous melting body butter from the rare honey of Black Bees, combined with Royal Jelly, is a true beauty formulation. It nourishes the skin with moisture, leaving it pleasantly scented with the sensual notes of Honey and Oriental woods. Perfect to moisturize the skin in the harsh winter and summer months. Made in Italy.

Why are Black Bees so special? The Black Sicilian bee has African origins but it is different from African bees because of its docility and productivity. They are known to produce honey that possess phenols in quantities 10 greater and higher antioxidant property than what has been recorded so far for the same types of honey produced by other subspecies of bees from Sicily and from other Italian and foreign regions. So these little bees have invaluable potential to produce excellent quality that you won´t be able to get anywhere else in the world. 

Have you tried this before?? What do you think?