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Hello lovelies!

This past weekend, I went and had my nails done with what they call “gelish” polish. This polish is suppose to last up to 2 weeks without chipping. I am no good at painting my nails myself. I’m TERRIBLE at it actually…painting with my left hand is practically impossible.

While my boyfriend and his friend worked on our barn, his friends wife and I went to have our toes and nails painted. Since I am always messing around with the animals and such, I decided to splurge for the “gelish” because it was only $10 more. My toes I had done is a deep purple-red with normal polish…(I’m not posting a picture of my feet because I hate my feet! haha)..I think they both turned out pretty well though. My fingernails are really thin so I can never really grow them out because they bend and break… and I hate the fake nails, even though I like the way they look….Because of this, I decided to get a mixture of 2 things…Gel is thicker and won’t chip like normal nail polish does when my nails bend …and the white tip will give an illusion that my nails are longer and achieve the look you get from fake nails. Image 

Not too bad for short nails, huh? I plan on testing the sustainability of the polish to see how long I can really make it last. 🙂

Have you had a manicure in “gelish” polish? How long did it last?