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A girl at my work just recently started selling Avon. I’ve never really purchased from them, but decided to give the book a look. (haha that rhymed!) I saw they had a lot of cheap makeup, and since some of my girl friends are really into makeup, I figured I’d start buying some Christmas presents early! I’ve always been the type to wait until Christmas eve to do my shopping, and it’s so stressful! I go the ball rolling early this year and I’m so proud!

Well, since there were a lot of nice sale items, I wrote a huge list of products I wanted. Makeup to nail polish….and that list cost me $72! Geez Louise!! Anyway, below are the products I got! I bought multiples of some so I only posted 1 pic of each! haha. I plan on doing reviews on each product that I bought for myself so keep a look out for them!

Image Image Image  Image

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Have you ever purchased makeup from Avon? What was your opinion on the products?