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Hell All! I received the Aqua Lacquer lip gloss in the color Floating Rose in my Birchbox this month and thought I would do a review on it. I’ll go ahead and throw this out there… I’m not a lipstick or lip gloss girl. Lipstick looks silly on me, or at least I haven’t found the right color for me…and lip gloss…is just what is says…gloss. “A transparent cosmetic that adds shine and sometimes color to the lips.”…but in my thoughts, it’s just something that you put on your lips that makes your hair stick to it and eventually runs off your lips making my face feel oily. Am I right, or am I right??? 

Since I got this product in my Birchbox, I can’t really complain much because it was in a box full of goodies that only cost $10, and the product was full size, costing at a guess, about half as much as the box. Good deal!! At first thought, I was a little sad thinking that my gloss was going to smell like roses. I thought that maybe it was a “theme” of the box since I also got a perfume that smelled like roses…yuck. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of actual roses…when the smell is coming from an actual rose…but when it’s perfume or something else…ew..That’s all I can say. Luckily, this product didn’t smell a thing like roses. It was actually minty, but not overpowering at all.

(Ignore the sleepy eyes. I needed my coffee!)


Well, when I first put it on, I thought it just felt like normal lip gloss…and after wearing it a while, I still thought the same thing. On the other hand, I actually like the color, and I like the tingle feeling it had at first, even though it didn’t last long. The gloss lasted pretty long in my opinion, and didn’t really feel like it melted off my lips. The way it is applied is a little different. I’ve tried the squeeze tubes that you squeeze it directly onto your lips, and then I have tried the wand ones that you put it with a little fluffy pad thing or paint brush like thingy….this one…it had a spatula/paddle like thing. (Apparently I like the word “thing”). It was hard to take a pic of it, but I tried and posted it below. It is apparently suppose to help you apply it better but it doesn’t seem to be any different than the normal wand or paint brush ones.

(I had just applied the gloss so there’s not much on it…I thought it makes it easier to see what it actually looks like though!)


All in all, if you like lip gloss, you will like this product. It has a nice pink/red color and has a good minty smell…(no flavor though) It lasts a long time and is not as sticky as other glosses I’ve tried.

Have you tried it before? What is your opinion?