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Hello, Hello! Well I have been nominated for the Versatile Bloggers Award and was nominated by VeeBeautiful. ( http://vrobson.wordpress.com/about/). Her blog is awesome because she is always doing reviews on products I consider buying myself and always has cute little nail ideas! She writes things definitely worth reading!

The rules for this award are as follows;

Display the award on your blog
Mention/link the people who nominated you
Nominate another 15 blogs/bloggers who you feel should be given this award
Inform them you have nominated them
Write 7 facts about yourself

Hmmm….Who to nominate??? I really enjoy reading from the following people so I nominate them! They all range from makeup, to reviews, to poetry, to just random thoughts. Love them!

1. http://thedatingdiariesblogblog.wordpress.com/
2. http://projectlighttolife.wordpress.com/
3. http://cherryblossompretty.wordpress.com/
4. http://comeinthedoor.wordpress.com/
5. http://breemwah.wordpress.com/
6. http://beautirockr.wordpress.com/
7. http://nakedbeautyblog.com/
8. http://todaycommai.wordpress.com/
9. http://kuuleilani.wordpress.com/
10. http://singlemomstyle.com/
11. http://queensenigma.wordpress.com/
12. http://eadaoinlynch.wordpress.com/
13. http://beautybloggergoddess.wordpress.com/
14. http://thecollegediaries0.wordpress.com/
15. http://addieshutup.wordpress.com/

So, 7 facts about me:

1. I like the smell of skunk…yeah, I said it.

2. I have a Bachelors in Biology and love science… but I work in sales

3. When I was a little kid, people mistaked me for a boy because I had really short hair

4. My older sister and I are the only 2 kids in the whole family, including aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, that have attended college and we both have a degree!

5. I love apple sticks….the kind that looks like a fish stick! They are delicious!

6. I didn’t wear makeup until I was a senior in high school, and only then I wore blush and mascara.

7. I’m a sobber. I cry in all the movies, happy or sad…What can I say, I’m sensitive!

Task complete!! Whoopie!