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Well, guess what I got in the mail today???


Yup, I bet you didn’t guess that from the title of this blog, did ya???

This was the first time I didn’t actually Google a sneak peak for the box so I had no clue what was coming in! I stalked the tracking like I always do…but this time I went home on my lunch break to get it. I just couldn’t wait anymore, ya know? Well, inside were some lovely products that I am super excited about! Since I went home on my lunch break to look at the stuff and was in a rush to get back to work…(it takes me almost 30 minutes to drive home, so it’s almost an hour round trip), I didn’t really get to take pics like I should have to show you. I just took a group photo of everything!



The Pop Aqua lip lacquer is pretty awesome! It had a different applicator than I am use to. I googled a pic to show you! Boy do I love GOOGLE!Β You can’t really tell in the pic, but it’s a flat plastic thing, unlike the paint brush or sponge we are use to. You can check it out here


And who doesn’t love chap stick?? This was actually an extra in the box along side the normal amount of samples. They consider it a “Birchbox Find.” They gave us this because they think it’s awesome!! πŸ™‚

The Joie perfume was stinky to me. Well, not stink but not something I would wear. It was more on the floral side and I usually go for the fruity or clean smelling stuff.

The Liz Earle facial cleanser and cloth are pretty awesome and I am excited to try it. The cloth and cleanser counted as 2 different items in your box, so that part was a bummer, but I don’t care! I just hope it works good! Most of the reviews online say good things about it so we will see!

And lastly, the Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls…To be honest, I’ve been super lazy lately and haven’t been spending much time on my hair. Today I mixed a little bit of mousse with some frizz serum and put it in my hair to make it calm and wavy so I wouldn’t have to dry and straighten it. I hope this stuff works good because I’m going to try it tomorrow for another lazy hair day!


Did you get your birchbox? Was it the same as mine? What was different? What did you think of yours?

Here’s the link if you want to join Birchbox!!Β Birchbox