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My skin is definitely not flawless, but it’s not terrible either. Some of the main contributing factors are the products I use to clean my face as well as a few other minor things of which I have noted below. Everyone’s skin is different and different things work for them…but today, I am sharing with you what works for me. 🙂

The most important thing to me are the 2 products I use to wash my face daily. Neither products are expensive, but if you are on a budget, the off brands work just as well to me. The last time I purchased them, I actually bought the Dollar General brand on both and they are still AMAZING!

I know you may be thinking that the order you wash in the shower does not really effect the outcome, you’ll still be clean either way…But you are wrong. For instance,  you don’t use conditioner before washing, do you? Same goes for scrubs and face washes…and I always wash my face last in the shower. That way, there is no left over shampoo or conditioner on my face. This is how I shower… 🙂

First I wash and rinse my hair.

I then apply conditioner and let it penetrate my hair while I shave my under arms..then rinse the conditioner out. If I shave my legs, I usually rinse the conditioner out after I’ve finished the first leg. That way the conditioner has time to moisturize my hair, but it’s not oily after I rinse it out.

After the conditioner is rinsed out of my hair, I then wash my body. This makes sure conditioner is not left on my skin. Before I did it in this order, my back would be left oily because I would wash my body before I washed my hair. I’m weird, I know!

Lastly, I would wash my face and this was done in 2 steps. I first rub a nickle size amount of apricot scrub on my wet face in a circular motion, both clockwise and counter clock wise all over my face. (I use the one pictured below that has pretty large scrubby beads AND salcyclic acid. If you have really sensitive skin, I would use the scrub for sensitive skin instead of this one). Anyway, the scrub exfoliates and help remove dead skin cells that trap bacteria in your pores. I only use the scrub in my daily morning shower.

After rising the scrub off, I then wash my face with Nuetrogena Oil Free Acne Wash, applying one pump and washing in a circular motion like I did with the scrub. Then rinse. I use this in my morning shower and then in my nightly shower. (My nightly shower, I just wash my face and body) If you don’t take 2 showers like me, then at least make sure you are washing your face in the morning and at night before bed.

Oil-Free Acne Wash

After I am done in the shower, I use witch hazel as an astringent and then apply Jergens Skin firming lotion to my face. Yes, I use regular lotion on my face. You can use whatever lotion works for you. This is just the only kind I can put on MY face without it breaking out or still feeling really dry. I always hate having flaky skin after I’ve applied lotion and this kind reduces it majorly!

Now here are the things you may think are different than your normal stuff…

1. On the days I don’t wash my hair, I still always wash my face.

2. Also, on days I don’t wash my hair, I always wash my body and I apply baby powder along all of my hair line…from forehead to the nape of the neck! The whole shebang. This helps me not get oily throughout the day and reduces breakouts. Before I did this, it felt as if the oil from my hair made my whole body oily if I didn’t wash my hair!! The powder first thing after the shower really helped!

3. Drink more water…I know, I know, I know! You probably hear it all the time, but it really does help clear skin because water helps get rid of impurities and toxins in your body, which can cause acne if not “flushed” out in other ways….yes, I mean using the bathroom!!

4. Get enough sleep. Just like you need water to flush out the impurities, you need sleep to help with healthy skin elasticity and hormone regulation…and we ALL know hormones can jack up our skin! Get plenty of sleep to help regulate them better!

5. Exercise more…now I’m not one to talk because I never exercise anymore. I just know it’s a proven fact that exercise helps to clear skin. Just make sure you wash your face after.

6. And I know…I know…I shouldn’t do this but I DO… If I am going through a bad break out session…which usually right around my time of the month…I use rubbing alcohol on my face. I helps dry the yucky bumps up!

7. And get a little bit of sun and fresh air!! …and try not to touch your face all the time!!! That’s a GIVEN!

8. So my family chews me out for this…and some of my friends…yes I know it can cause cancer…but…I go to the tanning bed like once a week. It helps clear up my skin and makes me feel better because I don’t get to get out in the sun that often! Seasonal depression is a real thing…and lacking sunlight/vitamin D can actually cause it!! Don’t judge! I always wear tanning lotion and get out if I feel like I might burn.

So that’s it. That’s my skin routine…and other little tid bits. Take what you will from it. I’m not a dermatologist or anything. This is just what I do for myself. Don’t hold it against me or tell me I shouldn’t do anything…because I’m pretty knowledgeable on what I do…and whether it’s good or bad…like the rubbing alcohol and tanning bed.

What is your skin care routine? What face wash do you use?