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Do you ever have those days where you just want to go into work or school and not worry about doing your makeup or straightening your hair? Today was one of those days for me. I took my normal shower and blow dried my hair…but just didn’t feel like dealing with all that other jazz. I thought to myself, ” I have nice, clear skin. I’m going to feel normal in my own skin and not worry about what everyone else thinks. I’m not going to feel like something is missing and like I don’t look myself. I’m going to feel beautiful just being myself.” 

Well, all was good until I walked in the front door at the office. I was being my normal quiet self, because I haven’t had my coffee yet, and I get this from the security guard at the front desk…”Hey Amy, are you feeling ok today?” 

Now I know he didn’t mean anything by it. He probably was a little worried or curious about me because I wear make up every day. After confirming to him that I felt great, I took a deep breath and headed for the elevator. I thought to myself…he is a guy and really was probably thinking I didn’t feel well since I usually wear my make up. He doesn’t know any better. 

It’s ok, I tell myself… I can do it. Don’t let that mess with me. 

I make it through the elevator ride and walk out onto my floor to only be greeted by a female coworker my age.

“Good Morning girl! How you feeling? You look tired,” she says. 

I just smile and tell her I’m doing great and just keep walking to my desk. With her being a girl my age, she should know better, right???

Now it seems everyone is staring at me as I walk across the room. I can’t tell whether that’s a normal thing or if they are looking at me because they feel sorry or they are worried. Hell, I never really paid attention to whether people even look at me when I come into work. 

When I make it to my desk, I just pull out my makeup and start putting it on. :/ I can’t handle a day like this. 

Oh, to the days when I was young and it was normal not to wear makeup yet. Don’t get me wrong. I know people will assume I don’t feel well or whatever if I’m not all fixed up like normal. I just wish they didn’t always say something! I know I try not to say anything. I just talk to whoever I see like normal always…unless they tell me they feel bad or show positive signs..like throwing up or I over hear them complaining…I don’t mention it. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel the way I did when I came in this morning!

Why do people make sure a big deal when people don’t wear makeup. Youtube is full of videos of celebs with no makeup, and if you google it, tons of pics come up. Who really cares?? People should be able to wear makeup when they want to. If it’s their every day routine, and that’s what they want to do, great. If they don’t want to wear it, that should be fine too! Geez!