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This month I received an Eyeko Black Magic mascara in one of my monthly subscription beauty boxes. I can’t remember which one right off, but it was either Ipsy or Birchbox. Actually, I know it was Birchbox now that I think about it.Image

Anyway, this morning I put the mascara to the test and even took before and after photos to show you. 🙂 The eye area is the most important part of the face when it comes to makeup. Mascara, eyeliner, and shadow can make you look like a different person. For instance, I look completely different if I’m not wearing eyeliner and mascara….and now that I have braces, I absolutely have to wear it or I look like a 12 year old. Who wants to look like a 12 year old when they are 28!? Not Me! 

Below is a pic of me with no eye make up on. As you can probably tell, I look really homey and young…



Below is a picture with my eye lashes curled and the Eyeko Black Magic mascara…still homey looking.



As you hopefully can tell from my fuzzy, crappy photos, this mascara is nothing special. The only thing it does is make my lashes darker. There is no “thickening” or “lengthening” to them. There is no “drama” and “curl” as stated on the tube.

Like I mentioned above, I am very picky when it comes to my mascara. I need all the help I can get in that department. I need the kind of mascara that really gives my lashes the vavavoom, if you know what I am saying! I can’t complain much because I only spent a total of 10$ on my Birchbox that this came in, and the other products in the box were pretty good. I can say though, that I will not be purchasing the actual full size mascara! This sample gave me a good enough idea to where I know I don’t like it and know it’s not worth wasting my money on. 

Do any of you have the same problem as me? What mascara do you use?