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Hello Lovelies!

Unfortunately I’m back at work today.  Vacation was awesome! My boyfriend and I went on a cruise to 4 different islands and was gone for 7 days. I thought I might just choke him since we would be together for 9 whole days, including 2 days worth of driving…(8+ hours each way…to and from the port).. but I wasn’t even the least bit tempted. How weird is that??? I guess I must really love him! ❤

We traveled on the Carnival Dream ship.Image

It is the biggest one I have been on and it was really nice. I thought there would be a lot more to do on this ship since it was bigger, but there really wasn’t that much of a difference compared to the Carnival Sensation we went on last year…there are just a lot more people…which was ok bc the ship was HUGE! The food was just ok but it was nice being able to eat practically any time. Not that I’m a fatty. I just don’t like a set eating schedule.

The islands that we stopped at are as follows. I took tons of pics but I’ve just posted my fav of each place just to give you a glimpse. 🙂 They were all taken with my cell phone camera so the quality isn’t that great but at least you get the idea!

Nassau, Bahamas:

The picture really stinks but since we went here last year on our last cruise, I didn’t take any other pics here besides one of Matt and I together…and I look silly so that one’s not getting posted! ha This pic is of Atlantis.


San Juan, Puerto Rico:

This pic was taken from an overlook in an old spanish Fort called San Cristobal Castle.



St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands:

There is a funny story as to why we ended up at a deserted beach with practically no one else there. We asked several cab drivers their rates and chose the cheapest…and just asked them to take us to the best swimming beach…and here we have it. Emerald Beach. I’m glad it was actually legit. The cab driver drove absolutely crazy and was yelling and raising his hands to every car he passed…which was every car on the road because he had a lead foot!! I thought I was going to get killed in the taxi ride here. Luckily the driver on the way back was way better.



The Virgin Islands from our boat. ❤



And finally, Grand Turk:

This island is tiny! It’s only about 2 miles by 7 miles. They have random donkeys, horses, dogs, and chickens wandering around the streets!…but the water is BEAUTIFUL!





All in all, the trip was fantastic! We had a blast and I can’t wait till vacation next year. It feels like I never actually went now that I am back at work…other than being behind on all my work!!


Have you ever been to any of these islands and what did you think?