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Well, you can see in the picture below what I received in my Birchbox (I copied the picture from the website since I don’t have my own pic). This was my first actual box, so I was super excited to get it. It’s just so nice getting to try stuff out before actually forking over the money to pay for it. It’s hard living a “poor girl” life, ya know. 

now I will share my thoughts about each product. 🙂

First, the Davines 3 step system, which includes the shampoo, the peach foil pouch of conditioner, and the yellow foil pouch of oil. The only one I believe I can give a fair opinion on is the shampoo since the others were such small amounts, I didn’t get to try it a few days in a row. But the shampoo…I actually like it. It has a different smell than I am use to, but the smell is good. I felt as if my hair was really clean. To me, it seems more like a clarifying shampoo, and not as moisturizing as some can be. the conditioner was awesome for the 1 use I got to do. It really softened up the hair after washing and was pleasant smelling.  The oil just seemed like normal hair serum to me, but as a complete system, I really like it all. I wish I would have had more conditioner to try for more than one day, but from what I saw the first time, it worked awesome.

Davines 3 step system gets an A

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser is next. (its the little circle tub that you can only see the black lid).  Well, I am use to using my apricot scrub then normal face wash right after everyday in the shower so this product was a little different for me. My first opinion was that it didn’t really cleanse my face enough. It felt as if there as a layer of something left on my skin. The second time I used it, I realized how wonderful it is. It smells lemony and does what a face wash and scrub would do, but all in one. The only down fall to this is, because it has scrubbies, I cant wash over my eyes. If that’s not a problem with you, this stuff is amazing and really leaves your face feeling fresh.

Suki Cleanser get an A as well.
Next is a Birchbox exclusive. The LAQA& Co Lil Lip Crayon is something I normally would have never tried. I never wear lipstick. I probably should, but I don’t know how to. If you put this product on like you are suppose to, there is a lot of pigmentation. It’s a very pretty shade that stays on pretty well. I don’t put it on like I am suppose to. I barely put it on, and then sort of rub it in. I just feel funny with a lot of color on my lips. Maybe…hopefully…one day, I can feel comfortable with it because I really like the product.
LaQa & Co gets a A….but I’m not a lipstick wearing person so I’m not sure how the “pros” would rate this.
Finally, another Birchbox exclusive, the Color Club Wanderlust fingernail polish.  I got the green color and I love it. to be honest, I haven’t really tried it out because I went and had a mani/pedi done and forgot to bring my color. It’s very pretty in the box container though! 🙂
Color Club Wanderlust gets a B…but only because I myself haven’t gotten to try how long it lasts.
In all, I loved my box. For it to be my first one, I was not let down. I will always look forward to the next one!
If you want to sign up for the $10 a month box, go to the following website. http://birch.ly/10nvC3C