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So I was at Walmart a few weeks back and noticed a little display with cheap eye shadow on it. There were several cute options to choose from, and since they were so cheap…(like $3 bucks for a 3 shade pack)…I decided to try them… And I’m in love! I found a pic on their website to show the set I got. You can see their website here. Wetnwild I’ve always been a little picky on the shades I use, but this one hit the spot perfect. I use a primer under it and it lasts all day. Since then, I went on a WetnWild binge trying all their products….and found another favorite. The Megaimpact mascara…(it was like $4.00 or so). I don’t like to spend big money on makeup, so I’m always trying the cheap stuff. Turns out, these two products are better than several of the expensive brands I have bought and I completely suggest them to everyone. I’ve tried the eyelash serum that is suppose to help your lashes grow, but I didn’t use it long enough to notice a difference. I’m too impatient for that….One thing to note about the eyeshadow is this…It breaks easily. I am always throwing my purse around everywhere so mine started crumbling. Be careful if you normally keep the makeup in your purse. 🙂 See pics below